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Best Antivirus For PC Gamers

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Gaming requires a powerful computer equipped with a fast processor and plenty of RAM to run the game smoothly. But a gaming computer is also vulnerable to malware because gamers often use peer-to-peer connections, which leaves their computers open to cybercriminals. As a result, they need a good antivirus that is able to perform with minimal impact on their gameplay.

To help you choose the best antivirus for PC gamers We’ve compared the top performing antiviruses in terms of real-time protection, gaming performance impact and more. Our winner, Bitdefender Total Security, stands out due to its impressive detection rates and automatic gaming mode that improves the performance of the CPU by separating background applications to one core and freeing up memory for better performance. It’s also very easy to use, and one of the cheapest options on our list.

McAfee Gamer Security is another excellent option. It comes with a powerful Game Booster, and offers the highest level of security and has no interruptions during games. It’s pricey, and its security isn’t as good as Kaspersky or BullGuard however it’s an excellent option for gamers.

Panda’s malware quarantine feature and behavioural scanner are excellent however, its processing speed is a bit slow. It does provide a risk-free 30 day refund guarantee, and includes additional features like a password manager, VPN, and parental controls. It is also smaller than other antivirus programs and all scanning happens in the cloud.

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