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Effective Nonprofit Strategic Planning

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Effective strategic planning for non-profits helps ensure that the vision and mission of a nonprofit are realized. A solid plan for strategic planning for nonprofits includes measurable goals as well as the path to reach them. It is a resource that must be revisited regularly as conditions are likely to change.

A strategic plan should start with a review of the mission, vision and values. This will help to unite the team and validate that these are the driving factors that drive the entire process. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover any changes that might be needed.

Many nonprofits decide to move on to SWOT analysis. This is a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s possibilities and threats as well as its strengths and weaknesses. A robust SWOT analysis is an excellent method to gain a better understanding of the organization’s current internal and external circumstances, and can help determine the best way to proceed with the nonprofit’s strategy development.

Another element that is often included in an overall strategy is a development or fundraising strategic plan. This plan will explain how the nonprofit can increase its philanthropic activities. This could include goals such as increasing email outreach, enhancing the fundraising website, developing better fundraising techniques, and building stronger connections between donors.

Once the goals for the strategic plan have been established, it is a good idea to reconvene the team to discuss next steps. This will help solidify everyone’s commitment to see the strategic plan through to completion. It can also be an excellent opportunity to discuss ways to present the strategy to stakeholders who were not part of the team originally.

effective nonprofit strategic plan

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